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Re: [News] It's Official: Microsoft Bricked XBox 360 Failures (and Keeps Quiet About It)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

So my cousin from Microsoft called

,----[ Quote ]
| Erhmm... My cousin just called who works for Microsoft and was on the
| xbox 360 team. He said first generation xbox 360's are having a SERIOUS
| over heating issue and they might be recalled sometime next week. The
| recall is being considered because the overheating can cause a short,
| resulting in a fire.


I think this is what happens when you try to take a messy technology and make it all nice and pretty and put it in a box. It explodes. Look, I run a nVidia NX6600....this thing has a big copper coil whose diameter is the width of the card and looks like something Tesla invented. It has it's own fan that plugs into the power supply directly....and that's in addition to CPU fan and power supply fan. In true geek style, I keep the covers of my case for air flow.

My PC is basically an "XBox360" in terms of what graphics it can present. Of course, if compressed into a closed plastic box with little or no ventilation, it would cause a fire, meltdown, etc.

-- The Texeme Construct http://you-read-it-here-first.com

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