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[News] NEC to Adopt Linux Stack

Linux/Qtopia tapped for W-CDMA handset design

,----[ Quote ]
| NEC will use Trolltech's recently announced Greensuite phone stack
| in a new 3G W-CDMA handset reference design. The "Medity" design
| is part of NEC's PlatformOvia family of hardware/software reference
| designs for handsets, digital audio-visual equipment, and
| automotive infotainment systems, many of which use Linux along
| with Trolltech's Qtopia middleware, according to the companies.


More newly-found Linux affinity at NEC:

NEC's NAS redefines 'revolutionary'

,----[ Quote ]
| The device runs open source NAS software, is compatible with Microsoft
| Active Directory, and has two Gigabit Ethernet ports. It also has twoU
| SB2 ports to connect external storage devices such as hard disks, DVD 
| recorders and USB sticks.


Free open-source storage software attracts users

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source storage software is available to address a number of user
| needs, attracting tens of thousands of users who are turning to open
| source to avoid pricey proprietary products


NEC Designates SpikeSource as its Strategic Global Open Source Solution

,----[ Quote ]
| SpikeSource, a provider of open source solutions, and NEC , today announced
| a strategic agreement to deliver SpikeSource certified open source
| infrastructure and solutions software on the NEC server hardware.


NEC Strengthens The Linux Ecosystem By Joining Open Invention Network

,----[ Quote ]
| "The rapid pace of innovation and openness of the Linux environment make
| it attractive for hardware companies, software vendors and integrators to
| build and embed it in their products," said Jerry Rosenthal, chiefe
| xecutive officer of Open Invention Network, LLC. "With the addition ofN
| EC as an investor and licensee, we will be able to increase our pace
| of intellectual property acquisition and sharing. This will strengthen
| the Linux environment."
| "We believe that innovation is one of the biggest hallmarks for success.
| Linux is one of the most innovative and collaborative technologies ever,
| and a key growth driver for emerging markets"...


NEC Marries Fault Tolerance with Standard Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| NEC Corp. of America is bringing a standard Linux distribution to its 
| fault-tolerant server line.


,----[ Quote ]
| Responding to tough competition from comparative giants Nokia and Motorola,
| Matsushita (Panasonic) and NEC may form a joint venture around Linux-based
| mobile


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