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[News] Miserable Windows Live OneCare Failure

Windows Live Onecare beta ate my hard disk 

,----[ Quote ]
| So when the 90 day trial expired, he thought it well worth the
| $90 or so which Microsoft asked for a licence. When he rung up,
| he was surprised to be informed that the Beast isn't yet selling
| the product outside America.
| So he was suddenly left with an XP machine that was defenceless
| and with plenty of data that was now unreadable.


So the guy pays Microsoft for Windows, then he pays Microsoft to make Windows
secure (thus it would be less likely to spew out SPAM), and then his
computer gets botched.


Security Suite Smackdown, Part I

,----[ Quote ]
| Eight of the biggest names in security go head to head in
| this round up of the best (and worst) of the apps that
| aim to keep you safe.


Microsoft's Live OneCare is 7th of out 8 products

Study: Symantec Best at Removing Rootkits; Microsoft Worst

,----[ Quote ]
| The application that performed the poorest, according to
| Thompson, was Microsoft's Microsoft Windows Defender (Beta 2),
| which is being built into the Windows Vista operating system.


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