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[News] Windows Needs 64-bit Archs, But Still Unprepared

Easier to do this when you have the source code... especially for legacy
hardware and software. Memory greed does not help either...

64-bit Vista is the way to go 

,----[ Quote ]
| After that, the focus will go strongly on 64 bit. We tried the RC2
| Vista 64 bit and learned that you can install everything, including
| Raid and Sound Blaster X-Fi but, despite 64 graphic drivers from
| Nvidia and ATI, many games wont even install or run on Vista 64
| bit. The industry expects that the big move will take place after
| Q2 2007, so when Vista starts standing on its feet.



Support for Microsoft Windows XP x64 Not Worth Anything

,----[ Quote ]
| Almost no one is supporting Microsoft Windows XP x64, the 64-bit
| version of Windows XP.
| There are no Antivirus programs that work with x64 and most
| applications won't work with x64 (unless they run the crippled
| 32-bit equivalent).
| Programs won't install printer drivers because, apparently, no one
| can figure out how to write a 64-bit printer driver.
| If Windows XP x64 has this much trouble with basic elements such
| as printer drivers, how can anyone expect the much maligned Windows
| Vista to be of any value?
| Frankly, my high opinion of Microsoft is quickly fading away, and
| my shop used to be a staunch Microsoft shop.
| Open Source alternatives are looking better and better every
| day.


Muglia: Microsoft's future is in 64-bit

,----[ Quote ]
| We've also been launching 64-bit applications. The first major
| application that we brought out that was 64-bit enabled was SQL
| Server 2005, and we are seeing pretty substantive adoption of the
| 64-bit version.


Blowing smoke as usual. They can barely manage and master 32-bit
acchitectures, yet...

Vista Breaks Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| The big secret at Redmond is that existing applications and new
| products will not work with Vista.
| Microsoft really doesn't want you to know this, but many of your
| existing applications won't work with Vista. In fact, some brand
| new products won't work with Vista. 


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