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[News] Petition Just Created to Ban DRM in the United Kingdom

If you are in the UK, you are encouraged to sign it (Defective by Design sent
out an E-mail request, so I just did).

275 signatures so far


It only takes a moment.

Related (Open Source in UK education):

Welcome to the Open Schools Alliance

,----[ Quote ]
| The Government spends a fortune and ignores its own
| research
| The DfES and Becta ignore their own research that
| Open Source Software can save schools between 24%
| and 44% on ICT and advise schools to buy through
| eLearning Credits and procurement frameworks thato
| ffer virtually no Open Source Software.


Short OSS Primer for your MP/Representative

,----[ Quote ]
| After the recent post about an Early Day Motion on this very site.
| I wrote to my MP.
| Please remember it's purpose was to ask my MP to support a motion he
| was unaware of. Not provide a full grounding in the big wide,
| sometimes disparate world of OSS.
| A Short Open Source Software Primer
| [...]
| (sample letter for reuse)


About 50 MP's are in support already...

Recent Novell exclusion petition:


Open Source driver from NVidia:

...pledge at least $10 USD towards the development of the open source nouveau
driver for the nvidia card series...

,----[ Quote ]
| For the longest time nvidia have failed to provide specifications
| for their hardware or a working free accelerated 3d driver for
| inclusion with X.org. Thus leaving the many users of their
| videocards on popular UN*X systems such as Linux with only the
| option of using a 2d only driver or using nvidia' notorious
| proprietary driver.
| With the advent of technological improvements to the underlying
| system to allow desktop effects this leaves a great number of users
| out in the cold. A project does exists to reverse engineer a driver
| for the existing nvidia cards, however this is a hard task which
| will require many man hours to complete. Thus the aim to presentt
| he Nouveau team with this no strings attached donation of at least
| $10.000 USD to further their nobel effort in developing this driver.


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