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[News] Good Review of YD Linux on the PlayStation 3 (with Pretty Screenshots)

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 Hands-on

,----[ Quote ]
| We turn the PlayStation 3 into a full-fledged computer and promptly
| go back to work.


It's already doing more than it was supposed to...

Rip Blu-ray Movie Discs with Your New PlayStation 3

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, once you've created the file, you can then burn a Blu-ray
| disc with the ISO image if you have an external Blu-ray burner handy
| or -- most likely the case -- just play the movie back from its hard
| drive or attached storage.


Also see:

PlayStation 3 ROMs Leak onto Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| According to posts from both hacker and Linux homebrew communities,
| the PlayStation 3's Blu-Ray disc format has been cracked, with disc
| dumps appearing on all major peer-to-peer and torrent sites over the
| weekend. Although the files cannot be booted by any PlayStation 3
| unit as they stand today, this is the first worrying step towards
| cracking the platform which is barely a week old in the US.
| Apparently, the dumps of the game discs were achieved by first
| installing the Linux operating system on the PlayStation 3.


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