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[News] Copyrights Mess - Case for FOSS and Open Standards

Stop Worrying About Copyrights

,----[ Quote ]
| On Oct. 24, Adobe launched Digital Edition, a new product designed to
| help publishers walk the line between prohibition and collaboration.
| Digital Edition promises to standardize e-book publishing formats
| and to use sophisticated content-protection coding to prevent
| copyright infringement. A standard format would help e-publishing
| because different companies--say Microsoft and Sony--use different
|         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| formats for their e-book reading devices. Those formats, in turn,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| differ from formats for PDAs and cellphones. As it currently
| stands, publishers have to pay programmers to convert their books
| to each of those formats. For e-text boosters, moves like Adobe's
| that make dissemination easier are clearly steps in the right
| direction. But many take issue with the strengthened content
| protections because they feel that there should be fewer
| copyright and technological barriers to electronic text, not
| more.


This is again related to DRM and companies that hide access keys and lead to
obsolescence of information/data (due to format or application).

Publish And Perish

,----[ Quote ]
| Alexander Rose, the executive director of the futurist Long Now
| Foundation, worries about the impermanence of digital information.
| "If you save that computer for 100 years, will the electrical plugs
| look the same?" he asks. "The Mac or the PC--will they be around?
| If they are, what about the software? " So far there's no business
| case for digital preservation--in fact, for software makers like
| Microsoft, planned obsolescence is the plan.
| "The reality is that it's in companies' interest that software should
| become obsolete and that you should have to buy every upgrade,"
| Rose says. We could be on the cusp of a turning point, though, in the
| way businesses and their customers think about digital preservation.
| "Things will start to change when people start losing all of their personal 
| photos," Rose said.


I think it illustrates why Open Source and Linux will resolve many issues in
the near and distant future. You can even compile old applications and
operating systems if necessary. Open source hardware can be reproduced from
its designs that are not hidden in a safe (metaphorically speaking).

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