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Re: Computer Trends for 2007 Favour Services

__/ [ werty ] on Friday 29 December 2006 18:26 \__

>  Software as a service ....SAAS  ?
>  NO , .....software as a freedom ....

Software gives various types of freedom provided you can modify it. If
somebody else has exclusive rights to modify it, then that can restrict the
user's rights (freedoms robbery). With lockins, for example, one can enforce
the user to buy a product and accept a Draconian EULA. Look no further than
Windows Vista.

>   Software cant serve anyone , because its "regulated" .
> Linus regulates his software by making it obtuse and cryptic
>  and just enuf better than NT 4.0 , to have a slight edge ,
>  otherwise , its still non-reentrant , imperfect multi-tasking
> for its lack of proper priviledge handling ...

If you are unhappy with what Linus does, feel free to fork Linux. Nobody
hides anything and nobody sets/carves the rules of the O/S in stone. The
only rule is that derivative work cannot be used to hurt or exploit its
originator. It's freedom in the form of protection.

>  Its easy to create perfect OpSys , if we did not have society
> making its "rules" and regulations ,  taxes , copyrights , patents
>  and "guilt" ..   Guilt !!  Authors deserve pay for their intellectual
>  property !!!     Liberal  B.S !!

Authors can benefit from distribution. There are many artists out there who
made their work duplicable, free of charge. Public appearances (e.g. keynote
speeches, concerts) pay their bill and reward them generously. In this
economic nature that revolves around [f/F]ree culture people can benefit
from a wealth of information and entertainment and there is little that
separates the lower class from the upper class. The benefactor is the whole
of society, as opposed to a minor subset. Some of the existing models are
set to exterminate a middle class, widen gaps, control, and restrict. It's a
model of enforcement that neglects to see the fruits (e.g. innovation) of
sharing, collaboration and transparency. Again, look no further than the way
the World Wide Web educates people and leads to an intellectual boom.
Imagine having a WWW where every page requires a fee before it can be read
(/a la/ newspapers). Even the breaking Net neutrality is a dangerous step
for precisely that reason.

>      To tax is to destroy society

To tax is to collect and delegate based on one's status. It's not democratic
and it's highly discriminatory. It punishes those who don't abide by a
lavish, selfish, money-making lifestyle.

>     It would happen in 2 days , we would toss M$ , Intel , H.P.
>   Apple , Sun Microsystems , AMD , Adobe , MicroStrategyInc,
>   LinusTorvalds and 200 million redundant jobs .......

This explains the immense extent of resistance to people such as Eben Moglen,
Larry Lessig and even Linus Torvalds, who keeps deliberately quiet on such

>     and we'd get a PC-pocket ( PDA ) , that would bankrupt
>  99 % of all companies and "workers" associated with computers .
>   A perfect OpSys would put 200 million ppl out of work permanently .
>    And with that encredible unemployment , CRIME GOES DOWN !!
>     Because crime is from societies "creating" phony jobs from taxes .

...And from faulty products, too. This reminds me of the joke whichexplains
why Microsoft estranged UNIX and decided to create a fragile toy instead.
Look at the amount of money that's exchanging hands due to security problems
alone. Measured in the order of tens or hundreds of billions per year this
pretty much tells you that jobs are focused on maintenance, not improvement.

                        ~~ Kind greetings and happy holidays!

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