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Re: Package Management (was: Archlinux)

__/ [TheLetterK] on Sunday 12 February 2006 20:57 \__

> tab wrote:
>> What do you mean Dependency Hell is a thing of the past?
>> I had 3 error's today alone on openSUSE 10/KDE.
> He was assuming the user had an IQ greater than that of a fish, tab.

No comment.

>> And what do I do?  Do I delete the offending package?  No.
>> Do I ignore and risk inconsistantcies?  Like, what other option
>> do I have?
> Resolving the problem?

Windows makes matters worse in analogous scenarios. I have enough Windows
experience to confidently say that. As usual, verbosity is not a priority in
a so-called 'user-oriented' O/S. Users are left in the dark when such
problems arise, only to reveal nothing which aid debugging -- and
subsequently -- resolving. Ultimately, the application will not run or claim
that a DLL is missing or corrupt. In most cases, however, it will either not
run when the application icon is (double-)clicked, OR it will crash
miserably without an explanation. This can leads to hours or days or
clicking icons, browsing the Web, repeating a sequence of action only to get
0 indication of what goes wrong, let alone how to solve the UI-oriented

>> What will happen to my system?  God only knows.
> Worst case scenario: the app won't work and you'll need to purge the
> package.

Exactly. I had seen inconsistency warnings raised a few times in the past.
Never once did it cause any trouble. In all cases, if I recall correctly,
nothing was affected and the installed application worked perfectly well.
That is why the phrasing is "RISK system INCONSISTENCIES" and not


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