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Re: Archlinux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [becco] on Sunday 12 February 2006 17:54 \__
>> Been trying out this distro for a couple of weeks now, and I can say it
>> is absolutely awesome. It picked up all my hardware automagically and the
>> pacman package manager is the easiest one I've used. It is almost as
>> powerful as portage but much faster since it doesn't compile from source.
>> I've used Gentoo for a long time now, but I'm seriously considering
>> switching.
>> Anyone interested in a distro with a *powerful* package manager but isn't
>> interested in Gentoo's uber-optimization should definetly try Archlinux!
>> Cheers
>> Marcello
> You should account for Synaptic and YaSY package management as well. With
> Ubuntu it has become even simpler than apt-get install. With SuSE, it's a
> simple game with buttons like OK, Next, and Finish. Even Mandriva makes
> things as simple as double-clicking RPM files. Package management and
> dependency hell in Linux are a thing of the past. Yet, that's not what
> anti-Linux activists will have you told...

I've tried my share of distros, but only with Gentoo (and now Archlinux, I
hope) I really feel I found the best for me. 
I ditched the rpm based distros beacause of dependency hell and because they
gave me the feeling they were trying to take over the control of my pc from
me, but that was a long time ago (Fedora and Mandriva didn't even exist
then); so it might be that things have changed in better by now. 
I've tried Debian and found it quite impressive, but I was never able to get
the hang of how things were done and when I asked for help in the forums I
found a bit of an elitist attitude towards newbies (debian newbies) that
discouraged me. I tried various debian based distros (Mepis, Kubuntu and
others), but I found that the available precompiled software was not much
(at least, compared to Debian and Gentoo) and compiling from source in
these distros was an exercise in faith. 

Then I discovered Gentoo and struck gold: the first version I tried was 1.2
and never came back. My only complaint was that there were times when you
needed a software to do a job, and you needed it *immediately*, and the
compiling process was too slow. So in my spare time (and spare pc) I kept
testing the new distros as they came out, and finally I found Archlinux.
Might just be a matter of personal taste, but if you're a gentooer in a
hurry I suggest you try it. It is not yet mature as Gentoo IMHO, but it
installs in no time and works quite well.


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