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Re: On the subject of spam, lookie here, Editor-Boy

__/ [Big Bill] on Monday 13 February 2006 14:34 \__

> See this?
> http://www.rob-james.com/
> See the incredible comment spam!

Where? I can't see it on the surface, so you'll have to show me. *smile*
Backlinks don't look fishy either.

> See the incredible noscript spam!

Aaaaahh.... GOTCHA! Fish dropping all over the top of the page. Total spam!

> Yet the site's still in the index!

Have you reported? Is it competing with a client of yours?

> Has been for years!
> I've complained several times about it to Google!
> They don't do anything!

How did you report?

> It's a good site with not a lot of quality competition, I think that's
> why it's still in the index. It does very well for London Magician,
> Table Magician, Wedding Magician etc.

It does magic, I tell ya...

It's all about fooling the eye. Rather than rabbit in a hat, it's spam being
concealed using <script>.

> Again, it can't be said there's any intent to deceive there, it's not
> like the guy isn't a magician. It's obviously deliberate spam but its
> intention is to enhance rather than deceive and anyway it's so clumsy
> I think they know all about it but just let it go.

All in all, it's spam. There's scripting involved, which is not different
from the technique BMW in Germany embraced. We all know they got banned for
it (argueably being a scapegoat for scare).

> So shutting right up till you have any idea at all what you're talking
> about might be a good idea for you.

You are right. Interesting find. Use the BMW as your backing, but be
concerned. Once the JS is removed, the site could have itself reincluded
rather quickly. Google might forgive too easily, especially when the paper
promotes criticism.


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