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Re: Masters Degree in Linux

__/ [Ana Thema (Male)] on Monday 13 February 2006 14:02 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> <quote>
>> Novell has teamed up with Charles Sturt University in
>> Australia to offer what we believe is the first Masters
>> Degree focused on Linux... </quote>
> Well fuck me dead.  A degree in stupidity.
> Lie, obfuscate, take drugs, get a degree.
> Wonder what the minor is? Wanking off?
> Good god. All that money spent when they could
> learn what they need to know in COLA.
> Wonder what the entry level salary will be. $20,000.
> No wonder COLA nuts use Linux. It's all they can afford.
> Oh, and by the way, I began experimenting with viagra.

Whatever floats your boat, mate.

Whether it comes from tabby boy, DooFuS, Pinocchio Funkenbusch, or yourself,
such comments are irrelevant and come to show your immaturity. They reflect
negatively on that operating system which you spend so much of your free
time defending.

__/ [Peter Köhlmann] on Monday 13 February 2006 14:21 \__

> The racist, liar and software thief Ana Thema (flatfish) nymshifted:
> < snip flatfish droppings >
> You lately nymshifted to
> Abbie Diaz, Aftab Singh, Allen Cusimano, Allie Perkins, Allison Juergans,
> allison_hunt1969, Ana Thema, Anna Banger, anonymous, Archie, Archie Moss
> Bunker, Archie Watermann, Baba Booey, Babu Singh, Bill Thomson,
> bill.gates.loves.me, bison, Bjarne Jensen, BklynBoy, bonobo magilla, Boyce
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> narrows_whitefish@xxxxxxxxx, nate_mcspook, okto_pussy, organ.creep, OSS KDE
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> Backer, Rich, Richard P. Johnson, Richie, Richie O'Toole, Robert Strunk,
> rothstein_ivan, Sally Vadi, Sammy, Sammy Whalen, Saul Goldblatt, Schlomo
> Smykowski, Sharon Cackle, Sharon Hubbasland, Sean, Sean Fitzhenry, Sean
> Macpherson, Sewer Rat, sewer_clown, Sherlock Holmes , Simon, sista
> sledgehammer, slacker.mcspritze, Spammy_Davis, spanny_davis, Stephan
> Simonsen, Stephanie Mannerz, Stephen, Stephen Olsen, Stephen Townshend,
> SuckyB, SunnyB, Susan Bladder, Susan Lapinski, Susan Wong, Suzie Wong,
> Swampee, Ted Bennington, Terri Sorensen, The Beaver, Thorsten, Timmy
> Luncford , Toby Rastus Roosovelt III, Tomas Bicsak, Tomas Lucatorto, Tori,
> Tori Wassermann, Torre Stanslaand, Trace Dennison, Tracee, Traci,
> trailerpark, Trina Swallows, Trolly, Trudi Simpkins, Tryxie Lustern, Uday
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> Wasser, Wendy Duzz, Whizzer, Wilbur J, willy watkins jr, Willy Wong, Winnie
> Septos, Wobbles, Yanick Schmuley and zyklon_C.
> Plus many, many, many more.

How's text file coming along Peter? Still straying in your wordspace? Still
enough space on the hard-drive?

Trolls just can't get enough attention in relevant newsgroups. Nobody replies
to them over there, so they might as well *harass* people to receive replies
(attention). Such replies are used only as defence against intentional lies
or aggravating insults. When a troll hits the thread, just close the tab
(pun intended). [Ctrl]+W conventionally. Don't reply to trolls because you
only encourage them to continue 'noisifying' the group.

Best wishes Peter. I said it all in a very calm and friendly tone, so do not
be deceived.


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