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Re: Vista Welcome Screen to Contain Ads

__/ [Larry Qualig] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 15:35 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "Microsoft's new OS Vista "Welcome Center" screen, seen by all PC users
>> when they start their computers, will display ads. Because that practice
>> has caused complaints, the company is facing trouble from the U.S.
>> Department of Justice as well as states attorneys general who are
>> considering legal action. A report was filed last Wednesday with the judge
>> handling Microsoft's antitrust compliance."
> One of the fastest growing add markets is actually video games. When
> someone buys that copy of 'Nascar Racing' or 'Grand Tourismo' and they
> race their car around there are a lot of billboards around. And those
> billboards have adds for Nike, Pepsi, etc. that the companies pay
> dearly for.

This is not a video game, Larry. This is a supposedly professional operating
system. It is already (as ironic as it is) used in mission-critical systems
and places like airports. Would the staff truly appreciate being delivered
targetted ads, which are based on information that Blue E delivered back to
base? It is worse than the default browser homepage, which can be avoided
(yet not installed), unlike, as in this case, the login screen. Microsoft
are pushing the limits here.

Will BIOS be next, as to conquer some space before a Linux booloader is


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