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Re: Vista Welcome Screen to Contain Ads

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Larry Qualig] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 15:35 \__
> > Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >> "Microsoft's new OS Vista "Welcome Center" screen, seen by all PC users
> >> when they start their computers, will display ads. Because that practice
> >> has caused complaints, the company is facing trouble from the U.S.
> >> Department of Justice as well as states attorneys general who are
> >> considering legal action. A report was filed last Wednesday with the judge
> >> handling Microsoft's antitrust compliance."
> >>
> >>
> http://www.adrants.com/2006/02/microsoft-faces-obstacles-over-vista-welc.php
> >
> > One of the fastest growing add markets is actually video games. When
> > someone buys that copy of 'Nascar Racing' or 'Grand Tourismo' and they
> > race their car around there are a lot of billboards around. And those
> > billboards have adds for Nike, Pepsi, etc. that the companies pay
> > dearly for.
> This is not a video game, Larry. This is a supposedly professional operating
> system. It is already (as ironic as it is) used in mission-critical systems
> and places like airports. Would the staff truly appreciate being delivered
> targetted ads, which are based on information that Blue E delivered back to
> base? It is worse than the default browser homepage, which can be avoided
> (yet not installed), unlike, as in this case, the login screen. Microsoft
> are pushing the limits here.
> Will BIOS be next, as to conquer some space before a Linux booloader is
> invoked?

I don't think that advertising belongs in software, especially *not*
commercial software that one has already paid for. It's one thing for
the freebie version of RealPlayer to have adds but it's not okay for a
commercial OS.

Luckily it will take someone all of 10 minutes to find away around this
and to substitute <your choice of banner> instead. But people should
not have to resort to this in a product they already paid for.

Also... have you (or anyone else) seen the movie 'Minority Report' that
came out about 4 years ago. I found it interesting how in that movie
everywhere the Tom Cruise character went anywhere all the billboards
and advertisements were customized specifically towards him. It's like
a combination of *spam* and commercials. Scary stuff but that's where
we are headed. Advertising does work and companies are willing to spend
big money to influence your purchasing power.

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