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Re: Google Applications are Coming to Linux

__/ [Roy Culley] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 18:59 \__

> begin  risky.vbs
> <43f22579$0$84035$edfadb0f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> Peter Jensen <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> He's a troll.  He'll say whatever it takes to get fed.
>>> I still think that Culley should update his stats labels though. Bailo
>>> means no harm and his posts *cough* sometimes make valid points.
>>> Putting him in the same category as some group vandals is unfair.
>> You were probably not here for the Great Nymshifting Spree of 2004,
>> since you say that.  Bailo would go through 10-20 nyms in a typical
>> week, which made him very annoying to those that didn't want to read his
>> drivel.  He has had a few fall-backs when he goes on a drinking binge or
>> forgets to take his medication, so IMO he deserves his label for all
>> time.  Oh, and he dragged Relf into COLA, which is very hard to forgive
>> him for ...
> I knew I forgot something when I replied to Roy. Bringing Relf to COLA
> was Bailo's worst offence.
> I wonder what Roy thinks of Bailo's Dan Quayle thread? Only an idiot
> would post that irrelevance to COLA.

Ahhh, I see. Relf got a few undeserved follow-ups from me when I first join
COLA. I couldn't tell apart the malovalent from the benign. In due time, I
learned the names and got my reading habits sorted out.

I sincerely hope that my top-level (new threads) posts are not perceived as
junk. I think discussions should be encouraged that do not involve
Windows-bashing directly. I syndicate plenty of encouraging OSS/Linux/GNU
items and try to post the most relevant one, even if it only serves the
participants in a bulletin board-like fashion.


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