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Re: Extending Bandwidth Limit on Shared Host

__/ [Alfred Molon] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 22:30 \__

> In article <dstg56$2bek$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> says...
>> Is it common for a Web host to permit and accommodate extra bandwidth for
>> an additional cost? I am aware that one's individual host would be the
>> best point-of-contact for such a question, but it puts the client in an
>> inconvenient situation. The host has an financial incentives having
>> clients turn to dedicated hosting, I'm guessing. Will exceptional (beyond
>> advertised plans) shared hosting be acceptable? I know that extra storage
>> space can be paid for annually, but when is the client forced to
>> migrate...
> My (main) host allows bandwidth beyond the limit, but charges 0.49 Euro
> for every GB beyond the bandwidth limit. Another host I'm using
> (servage.net) will cut you off for the rest of the day, once you reach
> the limit of 17GB (max. bandwidth allowed for one day).
> servage.net gives you almost unlimited resources (25GB/510GB), but I
> wouldn't use them for mission critical or even business sites, because
> their performance is a bit erratic. In January they shut down one of my
> sites for two days (while I was travelling), because their billing
> system was telling them that I had not paid one bill. They sent me an
> email *after* shutting down my site, saying that they had contacted me
> so many times and were finally forced to shut down the site because of
> unpaid bills. The funny thing is that in December I had just made an
> advance payment for three months of hosting and they never sent any
> warning message before shutting down the site. Obviously their billing
> system had gone crazy, and that happened at an inconvenient time (while
> I was travelling). When I contacted them they finally reactivated the
> site, but refused to admit that the mistake was on their side.

Thanks for the response, Alfred. Changing host is not an option. The host has
been tremendously helpful and professional; uptime has been excellent too.
For one smaller site, the host charges for extra bandwidth, yet the hosting
package is a smaller one (not the maximal shared hosting plan).

The reason I decided to ask in AWW is the sharp different in terms of pricing
(almost 1-2 orders of magnitude higher for dedicated). There is also the
issue of maintenance and migration, which I vehemently dread. Above all, I
am afraid that the host will conceal options such as 'top-up payments' for

Many thanks,


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