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Re: What's Wrong with Linux

__/ [Dr. Deb] on Wednesday 15 February 2006 15:13 \__

> What is wrong with Linux?  Several things:
> 1) It is an OS that is still growing into maturity.
> 2) There is not a uniform file system under the various OS's.  This makes
> one very unsure of just "where" a recently installed file was placed.  It
> also makes migration from one OS to another very difficult.  Fedora and
> SuSe are good examples with their different file locations on their
> installed files.  AND what SuSe does with Java is almost a sin!!!
> 3) A lack of apps being ported to Linux is a serious drawback, but what can
> you expect when you have the situation mentioned in the above paragraph.
> The Loki loader probably came the closest to "fixing" this situation as
> any.
> 4) This perhaps the most serious, the "snot nosed" attitude of many Linux
> users, who think they are more brilliant than they are.   For a sterling
> example of what I am talking about see the "Post" and "Thread" entitled
> simply "KDE 3.5.1"  All the guy was doing is asking where he could find a
> simpler way.  What he found was a bunch of "yahoo's" with more verbage than
> either sense or grace.
> Now, the folks mentioned in "4" above are going to call me a lot of names,
> "troll" being one of them.  When they do, they will merely prove the point.
> Deb
Ignore The words from Fuchs. He is _the_ folks (sic) mentioned in (4). With
much of your a analysis I fully agree but let us add a fresh point aptly
numbered (5), which is Windows Vista encrypting its filesystem and giving
the keys only to who knows who... they say it prevents piracy and is
supported at motherboard (Intel) level, I suspect. Interaction with other
server is the main accusation by the EC, so this couldn't come at a worse



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