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Re: Easy-to-use content management system?

__/ [Mike] on Thursday 16 February 2006 14:12 \__

> Hi,
> I'm looking for a Content Management System which has the following
> features:
> Hard requirements:
> (1). Implemented in PHP.
> (2). Search Engine Friendly.
> (3). A decent selection of templates which are *EASY* to modify without
> *ANY* HTML coding. (4). Renders correct on Safari (Mac) and Internet
> Explorer (WIndows). (5). Is free / open-source.
> Loose requirement:
> (6). Preferably no database involved, just files. But if it uses MySQL,
> then I might accept that.
> Do you have any recommendations?
> Without going into any details why, none of the following are accepted:
> - Mambo
> - PHP-Nuke
> /Mike
> MHC Synthesizers and Effects
> http://www.mhc.se
WordPress (wordpress.org) will satisfy all your needs apart from (3), on
which I shall elaborate:

Easy theming was introduced in version 1.5 (currently heading towards the 2.1

What does theming involve?

* Download one of the hundreds of available themes, which are conventionally
contained in a compressed archive.

* Uncompress and upload the contents of the archive to the themes directory
(via FTP or alternative routes)

* Go to the WordPress administration panel. The new theme will show up with a
graphical preview.

* Click to enable

How to modify existing themes?

The administration panel allows you to modify the files directly -- either
styles or content.

Content could include simple, one-line PHP calls which add diaries, links,
preview of recent comment/article, and so forth. It puts you in full control
and the Codex helps you find out about existing functions. Then you have
plug-ins, which are as easy to install as themes are.

All in all, it is even simpler than it sounds.

Good luck,


PS - WordPress can be used as a CMS by all means. It is not exclusively a
blogging package -- something which has become a fallacy nowadays. Blogging
at the center is only that seminal umbilical cord, but you can extend to
achieve merely anything.

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