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Re: Ranking caused by links

__/ [Eric Johnston] on Thursday 16 February 2006 11:25 \__

> "mark" <mark@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dt1e6v$qge$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Is there any whight difference between various types of links pointing to
>> some other site.  In other word does a link from a home page worth more
>> than
>> a link from some other page in the ranking calculation?
>> are there any common rulls?
>> regards
>> mark
> Added value seems a good rule to me.

Yes, because it is related to good context. Dissociate yourself from
irrelevant links or badly-behaved site.

> The notion that the home page is somehow different or more important than
> other pages can be misleading.  The home page is just one of many pages on
> the site and happens to be the one pulled if someone uses the url without a
> complete file address.  Web sites work quite happily with multiple
> important
> pages.   Which pages are the most important depends on their content and
> usefulness.  If any important page has a link from it that helps visitors
> get supplementary information that they are likely to be seeking, then that
> link is to be valued or weighted highly.  Any link that leads to rubbish or
> spam has a negative weighting.
> Best regards, Eric.

Well said. The front page is crawled more often only if it is cited more
often [1].  In many cases, it is indeed the case. In many other cases, the
front page is also more dynamic, i.e. it serves fresh content such as news.
This motivates more crawling. Yet, you should judge the front page as if it
was just an ordinary page. In practice, however, you will find that its
impact (judged by number of page views, inbound links) is higher. It's an
observation rather than a rule.


[1] Some sites become a real hoot only owing to some article deep inside.

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