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Re: Google Applications are Coming to Linux

__/ [dfj225@xxxxxxxxx] on Thursday 16 February 2006 16:01 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> When Linux becomes more popular, perhaps /then/ you could convince Google
>> to take projects from the ground up where Linux take precedence. For the
>> time being, we should be happy to at least have it ported (personal
>> opinion).
> I agree with the idea that it is a good thing that Google has decided
> to port the apps at all, but I can't help but feel that if everyone
> takes the attidute of waiting until Linux is more popular to properly
> develop apps for it, we will have a big chicken and the egg problem.
> By that, I mean most people don't use an operating system simply
> because it is free or open, they use it because it allows them to run
> the applications they want and do the work they want easier. Linux
> won't become popular with your average computer user until they see
> applications running on it that they would like to use.
> Personally, I feel that since Google already uses linux heavily
> internally, they should have given someone the task of doing a complete
> port if only just to show that the same results could be had using
> standard linux libraries.

There is a very recent interview, which might be of interest here:

"CD: Actually I don?t like the word ?sponsoring?. I don?t like sponsoring, I
don?t like ?subsidising?, I don?t like ?giving back?. The words I like are
?working with? them. We see them as our peers in computer science, we don?t
see them as people who need sponsoring, frankly. The funny thing about open
source is that over the last five years, a lot of these organisations that
you and I consider prominent have got a ton of support ? financial,
operational through things like Tigris, SourceForge. They don?t need
sponsorship, what they need is more people developing code."


It's open for interpretation.

Best wishes,


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