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Re: Getting two versions of Firefox to coexist

__/ [Linønut] on Saturday 18 February 2006 17:05 \__

> You might remember the problem I was having with Firefox not being able
> to enter text into some of the fields of some Java-based timesheet
> software.
> That was with Firefox
> However, with Firegox 1.0.7, it seems to work well, and I'll also see
> how the online training handles it.
> The only downside I see so far is that, after running 1.0.7, then 1.5
> takes me to the confirmation page for having the latest version of
> Firefox.
> Anyway, I installed 1.0.7 using gentoo emerge (for the bin version of
> Firefox.)  Emerge installed it in /opt/firefox.  When I ran it, it came
> up, but the menus and dialogs were all boogered, showing only text, and
> text that was too large at that.
> So I ran /opt/firefox/firefox --help.  Then ran firefox 1.0.7 again with
> the -ProfileManager option, created a new profile, and then ran it one
> more tim with -P <newprofile>.  Cool!
> The final step was to edit this commandline to the xfce menu, with a
> different label and icon; there are now two versions of Firefox to
> choose from.  Can now run both versions of firefox simultaneously.
> Actually, not simultaneously, since the old version cannot communicate
> with the new version, or vice versa, it seems.  But on the same machine.
> The final step will be to make a bug report.
> I know this is no big deal, but I thought I would post it for the
> benefit of lurkers and googooers.
> Chris "Linønut" Ahlstrom

I thought about doing the exact same thing last week. I also posted about it
in UseNet, at least once. It's a matter of replicating profiles, but then
merging/centralising settings, cookies and the like is a pain (nuisance at
the least).

Links that might help:


Also consider: http://del.icio.us/

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