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Re: Windows windjammers killing Linux lumberjacks

__/ [Roy Culley] on Monday 20 February 2006 01:14 \__

> or: There are people even dummer than wintrolls!
> http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/3358/106/
>     So off I went to the Ubuntu site, www.ubuntu.com, to discover that
>     installing the latest i386 version 5.10 (AKA the Breezy Badger)
>     involved downloading an image of a 617MB CD-ROM, which would be
>     the installation disk. No problem at all. I have a very fast cable
>     broadband connection and I downloaded the entire thing and copied
>     it to a CD-ROM in just over 10 minutes. That's when my troubles
>     began.
>     I loaded the disk into the drive and rebooted the machine, up came
>     Windows XP as usual. I rebooted and checked the bios to make the
>     sure the boot order was correct. Yep. First it checked the CD-ROM
>     drive, then the floppy drive, then the hard drive with Windows. So
>     I tried it again and once again up came Windows. I took the disk
>     out and tried it on another computer - same thing.
> The whole article is pure bullshit but you'd think windows CD burning
> SW would know how to burn ISO images.

I have just come across this 'article' in Google News. I can't believe it
made it to Google News (well, actually I can, judging by some c**p they
typically accept). When I saw the title, I realise that somebody had already
posted this to COLA.

  "By this time I thought maybe Ubuntu was stuffed and I should give 
  Suse a try. I thought maybe if I downloaded the whole damned Suse
  distribution ? all five CDs ? maybe everything would work out fine.
  No such luck. My PCs just kept on ignoring those CD-ROMs and loading
  Windows XP. And yes, I checked the boot order on the BIOS. So, after 
  wasting 8 or so CD disks, and many hours of my time over the weekend,
  I still don?t have Linux."

He whined about Linux users calling him an idiot. But what an idiot indeed.
So he blames Linux beause he doesn't know how to boot from the CD-ROM? Or
burn a CD properly? If he doesn't know his machine, how can he blame the
O/S? One bets that he had Windows pre-installed with the hardware.

This whole scenario comes to show that people get started with Linux filled
with sentiments of resentment. They already have FUD at the back of their
minds and they will choose any available excuse to blame Linux rather than
insult their own wisdom and lower their ego. When a virus attacks, they
sometimes blame themselves though, because [sarcasm] how could almighty
Windows ever go wrong [/sarcasm]?

In summary, what does this guy's problem have to do with the operating system
in question? This article is a disgrace not only to its author, but also to
the human kind. A Darwin Award is very well deserved.


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