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Re: Atheist Memorial Services

__/ [ jack.harrison@xxxxxxxxx ] on Sunday 19 February 2006 18:17 \__

> I had great regard for Ronnie Barker, a declared humanist who did
> indeed have a humanist funeral.  Now I read this:
> "Fans of the late comic Ronnie Barker are being given the opportunity
> to attend a memorial service for him at London's Westminster Abbey."
> snip
> "The service will be conducted by the Reverend Canon Robert Wright."
> A few months ago, Robin Cook, another I respected (for very different
> reasons), a strong minded atheist, had a Christian funeral.
> Why do the religious always hi-jack people's beliefs after they have
> died and have the last word? This is an insult to non-believers.
> Indeed, my regard for Messrs. Barker and Cook is diminished for the
> very reason that they did not leave explicit instructions what was to
> happen after their deaths.  I won't rate any sort of memorial myself
> being totally unimportant, but my next of kin are in little doubt what
> I want after I die - certainly none of this religious cr-p.
> Jack

That's a very intersting story. My family, unlike myself, is not
atheism-inclined. Being just 24 year of age myself, I felt a certain need to
inform my parents that, if anything 'was to happen', I don't want any
religious tosh getting involved in _any way_. Somehow, I don't believe that
my wish would be honoured. People prefer to decide what's good for their
loved ones, especially if something 'sacred' is involved.


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