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Re: Where can I learn PHP? Want to create photo gallery.

__/ [ David Dorward ] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 19:12 \__

> Viken Karaguesian wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a good online site to learn PHP?
> http://php.net/
> (Which is _not_ a good site to learn HTML, HTTP, general programming or
> secure web programming - all of which are pretty much prerequisites for
> writing web applications).
>> The W3Schools website is quite lacking - leaves much to be desired.
> For every subject...

So I repeatedly hear. That, however, is where I learned some CSS basics.

>> I currently run a site with an extensive photo gallery. Hundreds of
>> photos. Right now I have a system which the thumbnails are laid out in
>> a table. You click on a thumbnail and you see the full size picture.
>> That full size picture is in its own html page. So...hundreds of
>> pictures  = hundreds of html pages = bigger headache for changes, more
>> management, etc.
>> I think that PHP scripting can solve my issue.

No intention of stepping on your toes here, but why not make use of existing
photo gallery/management software such as Gallery or Coppermine? It gets
updated, patched, extended and so forth.

You could also generate thumbnails and entire galleries statically. I use
KDE's built-in functionality to achieve that on occasions.

> It could do. PHP wouldn't be my preference, but it is an option.
>> With PHP, I could create one template page for the full-size picture, then
>> use the server scripting to get the requested image and place it in the
>> template page.
>> That way, each picture would not have to have it's own html page, and I
>> can reduce the total number of pages and make the site leaner.
> Well, each image would have its own page, just not separate files.

Think about search engine optimisation and site indexing as well.

> It wouldn't really be leaner - you'd have to run the PHP script for every
> page request, and have to deal with cache control headers yourself (or
> expect browsers to rerequest the page for every view).
> You _could_ generate static HTML documents from PHP.

You could also derive such pages from the raw data... (for what it's worth)

>> Unfortunately, there's no comp.infosystems.www.authoring.php  :>)
> No, but there is comp.lang.php and alt.php

Yes, that's what I thought too. There's also a photography newsgroup, but I
don't believe it's technical enough. I used to be subscribed to it.

Best wishes,


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