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Re: Linux scores high marks for security

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 22 February 2006 00:05 \__

> "Despite an increase in the size of the basic Linux code in the past
> six months, it remains one of the most secure pieces of software
> available, according to a recent study by Coverity, a developer of
> source code analysis tools...
> "The Linux kernel then was found to have 985 bugs in 5.7 million lines
> of code. In comparison, commercial software of a similar scope
> typically has as many as 171,000 bugs, according to Coverity...
> http://www.fcw.com/article89779-08-04-05-Web&newsletter%3Dyes

Windows NT = 40 mllion LOC's (Source: Aragorn)
Windows XP = Windows NT LOC's + const
Windows Vista = Windows XP * 3 LOC's (Source: Funkenbusch)


Windows Vista =~ 120 milliion LOC's

For 171,000 bugs per 5.7 million LOC's, the ratio of bugs per million LOC's
is precisely 30,000

By that estimate,

Windows Vista bugs =~ 36,000,000

Microsoft despatch dozens of bugfixes every week. Vista is yet receive rapid
packs with critical patches (wait and watch). With dozens, or even hundred,
or EVEN thousands of bugs fixed every week, Microsoft has a long, long way
to go. It's deem to be trapped. They know it already, which is why they
turned to project Singularity -- an O/S built from scratch.

10 years from now, we might all look down and wonder: will Microsoft
Singularity ever be able to catch up with Linux? They pay catch-up on the
Internet already (Google).

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