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Re: Linux scores high marks for security

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 05:32, Roy Schestowitz stood up and spoke
the following words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.advocacy...:/

> Windows NT = 40 mllion LOC's (Source: Aragorn)

Ehm...  You surprise me with that, Roy...  I don't remember ever having
said that NT contained 40'000'000 lines of code, and it would really
surprise me if I had said it, since I don't know how many lines of code
Windows has.

I don't use Windows, ergo... ;-)

> [...]
> Microsoft despatch dozens of bugfixes every week. Vista is yet receive
> rapid packs with critical patches (wait and watch). With dozens, or
> even hundred, or EVEN thousands of bugs fixed every week, Microsoft
> has a long, long way to go. It's deem to be trapped. They know it
> already, which is why they turned to project Singularity -- an O/S
> built from scratch.

Both Microsoft and its resident worshippers have assured use that
Singularity is not intended to ever be released to the public.  

Allegedly, it's some internal study project on operating system

> 10 years from now, we might all look down and wonder: will Microsoft
> Singularity ever be able to catch up with Linux? They pay catch-up on
> the Internet already (Google).

Nah...  Should Microsoft ever decide to market Singularity, they'll just
cease supporting Windows and offer Singularity instead.  They've got
all the right retail channels at their disposal, and a few bribes here
and there will cure the rest.

I'm actually quite curious as to what Singularity really is -
technically, I mean.  I presume that it will have some kind of
virtualization technology built-in.

Either way, a singularity is known in cosmology as a black hole.  Maybe
Microsoft is wishfully thinking that Singularity will one day suck up
the entire market... <grin>

On the other hand, Stephen Hawking has proven that black holes
evaporate.  Sort of like a Windows installation, over time. ;-)

With kind regards,

(Registered GNU/Linux user #223157)

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