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Re: Multiple ISPs?

__/ [ Star Gazer ] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 14:46 \__

> Is it worthwhile to have a different ISP for each web site in order to
> maximize ranking (assuming you own a few different web sites that are
> linked)? I read that having websites on the same server linked to each
> other is of less value.
> Thanks.
> Bill

I believe that C block penalties are a myth. They can be unfair and penalise
genuine sites and particularly Web developers who centralise their clients'
site under the same umbrella. If you want to read more on the opposite view,


    Google's possible purpose for filtering new links

    While Google's algorithm is not made public, it's generally thought that
Google intends to clamp down on link sales for PageRank and for ranking in
the SERPs. Also on Google?s hit list are multiple interlinked sites,
existing on the same ip c block, entirely for the purposes of link
popularity and PageRank enhancement.

    Purchased links tend to be added to a website in medium to large
quantities, and often all at one time. Large quantities of incoming links,
appearing all at once, might indeed trip a filter.

    Google could suspect a high volume of links added at one time to be
purchased, and therefore suspect. The possibility would be in keeping with
Google's strongly suspected policy of discouraging link sales. After all,
Google's guidelines point out that any type of linking schemes are against
its policies.

    The ip c block is the third series of numbers in the identity of an ISP.
For example, in 123.123.xxx.12 the c block is denoted as xxx. Google is able
to readily identify those links. 


Webmasters were humming about this topic when Jagger Update made the rounds.
Many sites lost traffic for no obvious reason, so paranoia and rumours
started to have an effect and take their toll. It soon turned out to have
been just a garbage excuse, assuming that I recall correctly.

With kind regards,


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