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Re: Which url has best chances?

__/ [ Timmermans ] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 14:25 \__

> Hi,
> I registered two domains, but I'm not sure which of the two is prefered...
> blabla-123.com or blabla123.com?
> (above domains are for example purposes only)
> One will be the primary address while the other will be a subdomain leading
> to it.
> Many thanks,
> Steven

Does the "123" translate into actual numbers in the real case? And if so, do
they have a particular meaning? The hyphens can have real value. They serve
as word separators. Example:

(1) blue-widget.org

(2) bluewidget.org

The first will 'catch' search queries for "blue widgets", whereas the latter
will not (assuming nothing relevant appears /inside/ the page/site). The
latter, however, may be easier for /people/ to remember and will also
capture the SERP "bluewidget", which is a rare (or inexistent rather) word.
It is probably searched for more rarely as well.

Are you sure you want to set up two domains that serve a single site? Is only
one of them serving the primary content? Is so, this could be perceived as
domain accumulation, which is questionably a form of spamming (well, the
term "spam" lost its meaning long ago...). In turn, search engines might be
less reluctant to favour your site. Redirections are frowned upon too.

With kind regards,


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