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Re: Dissatisfied Customer's Message to Bill Gates:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Peter KÃhlmann] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 07:48 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> __/ [Peter KÃhlmann] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 06:36 \__
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> < snip >
>>>>> As somebody who supports Windows users as well, I often find myself
>>>>> directing people to Microsoft for their trouble. If the attitude
>>>>> towards Linux users is "they know what they are doing and can support
>>>>> themselves", I shall embrace the same attitude when an inexcusable
>>>>> deficiency or error arises in Windows. Guess what? Some of the
>>>>> well-educated people can sympathise and sooner or later realise the
>>>>> flaws in their O/S (installation of software and hardware included) is
>>>>> not something they should blindly accept. There /are/ alternatives.
>>>> You are aware that this was another flatfish troll posted across dozens
>>>> of newsgroups?
>>>> It is just another attempt to get some "discussion" going where he can
>>>> jump right in
>>> Which groups? I am subscribed to many which are relevant, but haven't
>>> seen it elsewhere. Shoot... so it /is/ pink meat /after all/...
>> cola (naturally)
>> alt.comp.os.windows-xp
>> alt.computer
>> alt.is.bill.gates.satan
>> alt.fan.bill-gates
>> alt.bill-gates.kind.benificent.loving.big-brother
>> av.computer
>> alt.comp.microsoft.office
>> microsoft.windows
>> alt.games.microsoft.input-devices
>> microsoft.windows.crash.crash.crash
>> alt.conspiracy.microsoft
>> alt.online-service.microsoft
>> microsoft.public
>> alt.comp.microsoft.new-products
>> alt.comp.microsoft.windows
>> alt.news.microsoft
>> comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy
>> comp.archives.ms-windows.discuss
>> alt.microsoft.sucks
>> comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.misc
>> microsoft.public.about
>> The disparate selection of groups alone is telling
>> Add to that the sheer amount of groups.
>> Throw in the topic and the wording of the post
>> Bingo - we found another flatfish troll
> ...Seems as though the OP grepped "windows", "gates" and "microsoft".
> Maybe (s)he simply had them listed off the local news server. I am
> subsribed to no such groups, fortunately. I avoid stirring up the hornet's
> nest.

It is a flatfish tactic
Stir up a discussion in disparate groups
Then when you have a flamewar started, set follow-ups to cola and perhaps
alt.comp.os.windows-xp to keep Kadaitcha and his felchers interested

That way he can draw the most complete idiots into cola

Just notice how each time when "interest" of csma-twits dwindles flatfish
will start a crossposted dung-filled post to cola and csma to get the
Edwins, Snots, OxRetards and Sandmans back into cola
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.

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