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Re: Kubuntu up and running - looking good

  • Subject: Re: Kubuntu up and running - looking good
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 04:59:11 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [Lobo] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 01:49 \__

> Larry Qualig wrote:
>> Lobo wrote:
>>> Install went well with DVD version.
>>> Burned DVD with Nero. BTW, I have all auto on XP CD
>>> disabled. A double click on downloaded .iso created
>>> bootable disk. (checked md5 with simple windows prog)
>>> Changed bios to boot first from CDROM. Boot OK into DVD
>>> partition and format works well. I had it create 15g on
>>> hdb using GRUB. (will have to explore partitioning with
>>> linux)
>>> Set up ethernet perfectly. I liked that it checked for
>>> security and other updates at install. WinXP should do
>>> this. I had even changed nic card to one that XP
>>> recognizes, Unfortunately all that caused during XP
>>> install was to get infected.
>>> All hardware recognized and installed. (except printer at
>>> this time - will report later - winXP had same problem)
>>> USB memory stick OK.

Automounted and appears on desktop, I imagine, as in most distributions. For
some reason, FUDMeisters are very keen on suggesting that Linux is unable to
handle USB drives.

As regards the printer, what make is it, I wonder...

>>> Explored KMenu - didn't cheat by RTFM ;)
>>> Just explored tabs and mouse right clicking (this usually
>>> gives an idea of what things do in windows so I'm using
>>> this technique here).
>>> Adept package manager took a bit of getting used to.
>>> Mainly because I am not used to the nomenclature of
>>> packages. Right clicking on greyed URL's brought them in.
>>> Updated operating system, kernal, software - EVERYTHING
>>> with 1 click - FANTASTIC

YaSTastic in SuSE. *smile*

>>> Re-boot to install new kernel.
>>> Played with desktop properties. Lots a neat stuff so I
>>> did a bit of dowloading and personalizing for fun.
>>> This was a very helpfull site found on first google
>>> search. http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kf1.html
>>> Installed and set up Firefox. I like the right click on
>>> menu items to put icons on desktop (will have to find out
>>> if I can customize each with own icons)

See http://kde-look.org . Your universe of customisation resides there.

>>> Located, installed and set up Guarddog 10 mins - very
>>> good help file (suggest install come with basic protocols
>>> pre-set for less knowledgeable).
>>> Went to Shields Up - nice green - got an a+
>>> Systems Settings - VERY good intuitive interface. Windows
>>> will have to do something like Kubuntu so as to only
>>> allow administrator to access as default. I like the
>>> setting up of hard drive mount points and permissions. I
>>> can put them into meaningfull directories - media type -
>>> data - etc I can also set permissions so only root can
>>> read or write certain partitions I don't want messed
>>> with.

Windows uses read and write permissions at places, but it is sometimes
ineffective and rather weak. The Registry is another weakness as it is too

>>> AmoroK's engine changed in order to play mp3's. Quick
>>> google search fixed this - "kubuntu mp3"
>>> http://www.kubuntu.org/faq.php#mp3s
>>> (I know that there is some sort of problem including this
>>> with distros).
>>> Listening to mp3 albums right now. AmoroK has made a
>>> database with 24,000 mp3. My cover art, genre and other
>>> tag info looks good. Neat function to be able to auto
>>> download some of my missing cover artwork. No skips in
>>> sound when multitasking so far (I was getting these with
>>> Media Monkey in XP)

If you have such an extensive collection, go get some enhancements for
Amarok: http://kde-apps.org/ . It is very extendable.

>>> Setup mail and news. Using Kontact right now (one has to
>>> pay lots for a package like this in XP).
>>> I played a bit with Konsole. I'll have to brush up on my
>>> outdated unix knowledge from 30 years ago.

You will rarely need konsole unless you grew up on Linux with the terminal in
mind. Don't make that mistake. An older generation used the shell or simply
got used to it, which was fine and still /is/ fine. Front ends have been
created for everything, so as to give Linux an inviting face to new users
and bring it to the desktop. 

>>> I like sudo - quick way to get down and dirty.
>>> With windows set up for the same protection, I would have
>>> to log into Administrator to do same stuff. Because that
>>> was a pain in the ass, I allways kept my user as
>>> administrator in XP. Other windows users do the same.
>>> VISTA will have to do something like sudo to be
>>> successfull in security issues.
>>> Total time spent, starting from a blank partition, to
>>> have a running desktop and doing normall everyday stuff
>>> in Kubuntu has been about 4 hours. With XP, starting from
>>> the same place, it would have taken me over eight hours
>>> (including updating and installing software that costs
>>> hundreds of dollars).

Here is another factor to consider: How many times have you set up Windows
before? How many times have you set up Linux before? If you were to install
Linux a dozen times, how quickly would it be on the 12th time?

>>> Any reasonably knowledgeable windows user who is able to
>>> install windowsXP from an empty drive would find
>>> installing Kubuntu MUCH easier to get to the same place
>>> as I am right now.
>>> BTW, I don't take the developers for a free ride - I
>>> donate using paypal for a package that I like.

Instating a good policy thereby...

>>> Next projects - printer, camera, puppy linux on old
>>> boxes.
>>> Looking good for Linux. Just needs a bit of polish to get
>>> the rough edges off.

Lessons learned from the early experiences are highly re-usable, regardless
of the distribution(s) you later choose.

>> My Ubuntu install (basically same as yours but Gnome
>> based) was done over the weekend. It's quite a nice
>> distro.... seems much lighter than SuSE which is what I
>> primarily run. The Synaptic package manager is very nice
>> and easy to use.

More minimalist when compared with YaST. Regardless: simplicity is not evil.
It is the outcome that counts.

> The Kubuntu DVD install loaded a lot of stuff but I expected
> that and I have lots of HD. I think Synaptic is great. The
> most difficulty I had was using Adept. I took 10-15 minutes
> to figure it out by poking around. It did work well though.
> The one-touch "Full Upgrade" was wonderful. Current windows
> has nothing to compare with.
>> Another nice thing is that it doesn't install everything
>> in the world by default. SuSE does and it's okay on my big
>> desktop machine but in a way I'm starting to appreciate
>> the "Ubuntu philosophy" of doing things. You get a
>> complete, but fairly minimal setup when you're done with
>> the install. Anything you want to add you can do yourself
>> afterwards but this way you know what's installed and what
>> isn't.

Yes, but it is less appealing to the lazy users who have plenty of disk space
to spare.

> That is good experience.
> I got a good selection of software with the Kubuntu install.
> Anyone using a computer for home use would have what they
> needed with the exception of games - there were no games
> installed. (but I did find a ton of them to choose from in
> the package managers)

See some of the earlier threads in this newsgroups. There are some
state-of-the-art shoot-em-up games which are available for Linux. You
mustn't assume that a selection of 1000's of high-end games (or software for
that matter) is a must. Find something you like and stick with it.

> I'm very pleased and impressed with how far the distros have
> come in regards to intuitiveness and ease of use. I'm going
> to turn some friends and relatives onto Linux as soon as I
> become more proficient.

Excellent. Do them a favour. *smile*

Best wishes,


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