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Re: [Article] Baidu jumps after strong earnings

__/ [ Paul B ] on Wednesday 22 February 2006 15:02 \__

> From : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4738846.stm
> Chinese search engine Baidu.com has seen its shares rise 12.4% in late
> New York trade after posting better-than-expected quarterly profits.
> Baidu, dubbed the Chinese Google, said earnings over the third quarter
> were 24.5m yuan ($3m; £1.75m), compared with 6.4m yuan a year
> previously.
> The firm also recorded a 167% rise in revenues to 114.9m yuan.
> In October Baidu, facing competition from Yahoo and Google, said
> fourth quarter revenues would be 102m yuan.

I wonder to what extent their rise is affected by controversies in China
which involve Google censorship, Yahoo's leak of key information (leading to
an arrest of a juvenile) and Microsoft shutting down Chinese blogs.

> 'Growing competition'
> In after-the-bell trading on Wall Street on Monday evening, Baidu saw
> its shares rise by $6.39 to trade at $58.08.
> Baidu is well placed to benefit from the increasing number of Chinese
> people logging on to the internet, despite growing competition from
> Google and Yahoo in its home market.
> Since Baidu's flotation in August, the US pair have attempted to grab
> a bigger chunk of China's growing internet market, which has more than
> 100 million people online.

Wow. Big market. It's only a few hundreds of millions in the west; less than
a handful. China is developing quickly and will soon have gigabit Ethernet

> "Not only did they [Baidu] grow their revenues more than people
> expected, but I think the earnings that they delivered were
> particularly strong, especially given that the company is facing
> growing competition," said analyst Jason Brueschke of Citigroup in
> Hong Kong.

A rebellious and non-compliant engine?


Compare with Google in the West:


Back to Baidu:


Good lads. Wikipedia at number 1, but I wonder what happens when searching
from a Chinese proxy/IP...

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