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Re: Largest Windows Error Message

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:16:51 +0000
> __/ [ The Ghost In The Machine ] on Tuesday 21 February 2006 19:00 \__
>> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
>> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>  wrote
>> on Tue, 21 Feb 2006 17:51:04 +0000
>> <dtfk0t$1q6u$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/4630
>>> Behold the shame.
>> Remember when "bad press was better than no press at all"?  :-)
>> I'm not so sure of that anymore...
>> I like the phrasing:
>>    "Video and text output has encountered a problem and needs to close.
>>    We are sorry for the inconvenience."
>> Since when is 'video and text output' a program name such as Explorer?
>> Bizarre linguistics; they could have at least put it in quotes or
>> something, or called it a service:
>>    "The video and text output service has encountered ..."
>> But never mind that; this is from the OS that gives wonderful
>> diagnostics messages such as:
>>    C:\> cd c:\blahblah\duh
>>    The system cannot find the path specified.
>>    (this is OK but makes the system look a tad incompetent)

[snip rest for brevity]

>> Now, granted, Linux isn't perfect ("no such file *or* directory"?), but
>> it seems to be a little clearer in the error messages category than
>> a certain other offering.  I've also not included symbolic links
>> (mostly because NT/2k doesn't have such; they're '.LNK' files and
>> processed by Explorer, not the file system).
>> And of course having a crash message splayed all over an electronic
>> billboard is going to be grist for the humor mill.  But I have seen
>> an Amiga GURU and at one point an Amiga CLI on a cable channel;
>> these things do happen.
> Nice test run. It was nice to get a reminder of how MS-DOS responds to
> errorenous commands. Here is one from the GUI front:
> http://chris.pirillo.com/blog/_archives/2006/2/8/1751817.html
> A rant that come from a Micro$hafter, by the way.


Deep, that one. :-)

I'm not sure what's happened to it or even the exact wording, but
there used to be a rather longish error message from DOS that
left me totally confused as to whether it was trying to create
a file, a directory, accessing a file or directory, or just ran
out of a resource.

(It's a pity the Interface Hall of Shame went dark.
They had quite a few of these.  A more modern one is
available at http://www.pixelcentric.net/x-shame/docs.html,
though most of the examples appear to be ad hoc
contrivances, which is fine as long as it's clear what
they're showing.  There is also a copy available at
http://homepage.mac.com/bradster/iarchitect/, so it lives
on, although the examples by now are probably quite dated,
though the dialogs for Windows have not changed all that
much since 95 -- fortunately they at least are resizable
now.  Also, some of the images appear to be incorrectly linked.)

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
It's still legal to go .sigless.

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