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Re: Dell+Linux?

__/ [ Vinella ] on Thursday 23 February 2006 00:32 \__

> On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 00:07:52 +0000, B Gruff wrote:
>> Well well, Dell:-)
> I wouldn't trust Dell to build a Linux box until they demonstrate that
> they can make XP run on one of their junkers (or DOS).  Or maybe they
> really do consider "Dumping Physical Memory" to be a desired application.
> Vinella

To be fair and to balance the rather prejudice view:

The  vast majority of prospective users find the thought of installing  an
O/S  rather  daunting. Here you have Dell test all the hardware and  maybe
put a sticker on the machine to say "designed for Red Hat Linux".

Beyond  this, you get *support* for Linux, which is a big pro and a  reas-
surance  to  any newbie. Sure, those Dell hotlines are often rather  cold,
but it is *something*. It's a start.

Linux  is  becoming more and more mainstream and now that "almighty  Dell"
sell Linux, no other large vendor can ignore Linux and justify to self. HP
have taken a similar route. Look at the adoption among governments and the
20%  annual growth in terms of server sales. Linux is catching up  quicker
than it would take Ballmer to smash a chair.

Putting glitter aside, I don't see /any/ advances among the main competitor
either: http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/0,1206,l=&s=26945&a=171997,00.asp


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