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Re: Install and Run Windows Applications in Linux

__/ [ Liam Slider ] on Thursday 23 February 2006 18:37 \__

> On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 17:48:45 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> The article is 'fresh', but it does not add anything new.
>> "Without requiring Microsoft OS CD or license, CrossOver Office v5.0 for
>> Linspire lets users install and run Windows productivity applications as
>> well as plug-ins natively from Linspire desktop Linux OS. It features
>> single-click interface for installing applications, which then integrate
>> directly with Linspire environment. Any documents created with CrossOver
>> Office applications may be opened and edited with other native Linux
>> programs. "
>> http://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/475776/rss
> Makes it sound as if Crossover Office were *just* for Linspire doesn't
> it...

I wouldn't take any article that refers to Linux as "Linux OS" too seriously.
I bought my last Linux box from a vendor that referred to it as "Linux OS"
at the start (Mandrake 9.2), but later boasted about it under the name "SuSE

Also, the article is bluntly promotional:


'"Linspire's power and ease of use, combined with its easy retail
availability, has puts it among the leaders in the fast growing Linux
operating system category," said Jeremy White, chief executive officer of
CodeWeavers, Inc. "CrossOver Office for Linspire will make it even easier
for potentially millions of Windows desktop users -- enterprise and
individual alike -- to make the switch to Linux."'


'About Linspire, Inc.

Linspire, Inc. (www.linspire.com) was founded in 2001 to bring choice into
the operating system market. The company's flagship product, the Linspire
operating system, is an affordable, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system
for home, school, and business users. Linspire pioneered CNR ("click and
run") Technology, which allows Linspire users access to thousands of
software programs, each of which can be downloaded and installed with just
one mouse click. The more than 2,400 software titles available in the CNR
Warehouse (www.linspire.com/cnr) include full office and productivity
suites, games, multimedia players, photo management software, accounting
tools, and more.'


'For more information about Linspire, please contact:
Heather MacKenzie
Linspire, Inc.
858-587-6700 x263
858-587-8095 (Fax)


Fine with me as long they get the point across and 'spread the gospel'.
Lindows is often aimed at Average Joe that visits Wal-Mart.

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