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Re: Install and Run Windows Applications in Linux

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Thursday 23 February 2006 20:00 \__

> On Thursday 23 February 2006 18:56 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I wouldn't take any article that refers to Linux as "Linux OS" too
>> seriously. I bought my last Linux box from a vendor that referred to it as
>> "Linux OS" at the start (Mandrake 9.2), but later boasted about it under
>> the name "SuSE Linux".
> I trust that you mean your "most recent Linux box" rather than your "last
> Linux box", old son - we'd hate to lose you, and I'm sure that goes for the
> community as well:-)
> (snip)
>> Fine with me as long they get the point across and 'spread the gospel'.
>> Lindows is often aimed at Average Joe that visits Wal-Mart.
> Indeed.  I think we ought to always bear this in mind, particularly in
> respect of Linspire.  Such blurbs aren't aimed at the likes of folks
> here:-)

On both counts: I'll need to be more careful with the phrasing. I guess I'll
have to proofread and critically skimp to spot ambiguities and subtleties.

Best wishes,


Linux contribution for Thursday: student had computer infected, needed a
formatting tool, I gave him the Ubuntu CD's. *evil grin*

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