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Re: (OT) Do Know Evil?

__/ [ Stacey ] on Friday 24 February 2006 21:29 \__

> "canadafred" <canadian_web@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:UtKLf.25591$%14.653812@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <snip>
>> Thanks for the read, opens up my mind a bit. I missed out on SEO Dave,
>> from what I've been reading from his previous post ( all over the place )
>> and other people's commentaries, he certainly seems like a memorable type
>> of guy to say the least.
> He is a very memorable and intelligent SEO type person. He has just posted
> in here recently
> .
> I mean sometimes some people take a break every now and then from posting
> here. You did.:-) He use to post quite regularly. David is real busy making
> sites and working on clients sites. If there is a real good discussion that
> seems new to him he just might start posting strong again.
> Although, I know you didn't mention Dave in a bad way. Roy mentioning it
> here as such and stating he didn't mention him well, he might as well
> mentioned him on Chris's blog. I am sorry, but I feel it was a little bit
> in bad taste to do that.
> Stacey

I never ever mentioned his name in public. Judge for yourself:


My issue was never a personal one. My issue was (and still is) spam /in
general/. The crushing majority of Blogspot was spam at the time. People
like Chris suffer from it tremendously.

With kind regards,


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