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Re: Bye Bye Windows -- Hello Linux

__/ [ Ruel Smith ] on Sunday 26 February 2006 02:30 \__

> Roy Schestowitz enlightened us with this load of crap:
>> Yesterday I came across this one:
>> [ Why Ubuntu isn't for New Linux Users ]
>> I don't agree with it, to say the least.
> It depends on how adaptive you are. There are plenty of people that use
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu for their first Linux and do fine. Some, however, need to
> stick to something more like Mandriva or Suse. Ubuntu/Kubuntu take more
> skill to setup, IMO, than either of those two, but with the nice forums
> they have, it can be done.
> The article has a lot of flaws. You CAN install packages via a commandline,
> but you don't have to. You can just open Synaptic and install j2re. Also,
> Automatix can be installed by downloading it and right clicking on the
> icon, choosing Kubuntu Package Menu->Install Package (in Kubuntu, anyway).
> You'll get a problem, then fire up Synaptic, Edit->Fix Broken Packages,
> then click 'Apply'. Not a single commandline. It is a few loops to jump
> through, but you have to learn some tricks somehow. People didn't just know
> how to use the Windows Control Panel at first, but they learned.
> Anyway, fire up Automatix, and most non-free stuff you'll want will be
> listed and installed when you check them off.
> Anyway, what's wrong with a commandline, when the instructions are so laid
> out for you? What does the author mean 'drop to a commandline'? Leave X?
> You can just open a console. Big deal.
> The author claims you have to 'drop to a commandline...to surf the net'.
> Huh? Firefox, Galeon, and Konqueror are all launchable through the desktop
> launch menu.
> This article is full of inaccuracies and it makes mountains out of mole
> hills.

Do you know that ubiquitous tendency which is to say outrageous things as to
stand out from the crowd and get most attention? I think we have a winner.
Other in the 'serious':

- Environment and biology 'experts' that suggest global warming does not
exist and that adverse figures only indicate a natural, global trend

- Whitehouse 'scientists' who argue that cutting down of trees helps the
environment as it helps fresh ones grow better

- Fitness 'experts' who recommend 2 hard repetitions per set 

- Fitness 'experts' that recommend no more 1 workout session per week

- Lastly, IT 'professionals' who argue that Windows is easy to use and stable 

Best wishes,


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