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Re: Bye Bye Windows -- Hello Linux

__/ [ Lobo ] on Sunday 26 February 2006 00:04 \__

> I've made the switch after trying out a number of flavours of linux.
> The family likes Kabuntu and Edubuntu

Yesterday I came across this one:


[ Why Ubuntu isn't for New Linux Users ]

I don't agree with it, to say the least.

> I've got Kubuntu Breezy, Edubuntu Breezy, Kubuntu Dapper and Elive on 1
> drive w/ multiboot.
> I'm posting this from Dapper. It's still in development. Main release
> expected April. It comes with KDE 3.5, Firefox 1.5 and most other latest
> releases of linux packages. (these are installed at upgrade after
> installation)

That's a powerful feature of (X)Ubuntu, which keeps the installation
pre-requisite (CD) light, but at the same time can demand some decent
bandwidth. Since many people burn their ISO's anyway, I guess it's a
worthwhile tradeoff.

By the way, you can get XGL:


> Here's what it looks like for those who haven't seen it.
> http://doc.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/quickguide-web/C/index.html
> Of interest is the install disk. One of the entries is
> "OEM installation" (although it is not setup at this moment). Is this
> a portent of future things to come??? The main supporters of Ubuntu are
> from South Africa.

I believe that South Africa's Open Source incentive is finally directed at
Ubuntu. Shuttleworth will have the government persuaded, no doubt.

> I chose Kubuntu because:
> - Debian based

So? Google said so too, but it's a weak argument.

> - I like the Ubuntu philosophy http://www.ubuntu.com/
> - install both standard and expert

This is one of the aspects that make Ubuntu so user friendly.

> - good partition manager
> - recognized all my hardware

Yes, it usually does that. No need for internetion with setups.

> - ease of use
> - well written help files and usenet information
> http://www.ubuntuforums.org/
> - good selection of software
> - sudo to help prevent screwups rather than root logon
> - Synaptic package management (but Adept looks like it will be a winner
> when the bugs are out)

It continues to get improved and simplified further from what I've read.
Apparently, Synaptic is believed to be more complicated than necessary.

> The switch was painless for all. Email, surfing, news, document writing,
> user desktops, music, pictures, etc. In short, nobody here wants to go
> back.
> Learning curve to get comfy with linux was about 2 weeks.

The learning curve is endless because Linux is open-ended. You can always
teach a puppy some new tricks and they needn't necessarily involve the
command-line. I am sure you'll see what I mean whenever you discover a
feature. It all depends on what you limit yourself to.

Best wishes,


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