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Re: Opera

__/ [ houghi ] on Saturday 25 February 2006 17:09 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Maybe we should append some killfile listings to monthly stats, Houghi.
>> You know, to help new reader set up the newsreader. Roy Culley's COLA
>> stats achieve this...
> I have thought of that. However what you must then have is not stats,
> but explanations as to WHY you have or have not killfiled somebody.

That's another issue. The one to post such lists will sooner or later be
loathed. I thought that if a stats post gets sent, the killfile
recommendation could fit 'on the same wagon'. If you sent me a list by
E-mail (roy at schestowitz dot com), I can append/prepend it to the
automated stats.

> It also goes into the principle to ignore the trolls. That is the reason
> I did not place my killfile online. You could get most of it together by
> searching for <plonk> in combinarion of things I posted.

Nobody would do that. I think not. One precaution I already take is to never
get involves with Google Groupers. Quoting issues aside, there continues to
be this trend of hit-and-run posters in this newsgroup, which is deterring.
Now, if only one could easily identify the troublemakers and make (NG)
reading recommendations, perhaps involvement in this group would be
improved. I tend to stay away most of the time (for the past ~2 years).

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