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Re: Opera

__/ [ houghi ] on Sunday 26 February 2006 07:35 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> That's another issue. The one to post such lists will sooner or later be
>> loathed. I thought that if a stats post gets sent, the killfile
>> recommendation could fit 'on the same wagon'.
> No, because a killfile is not something that fits in numbers.

Quite true.

>> <snip />, I can append/prepend it to the
>> automated stats.
> I won't. First because I hate the stats as they add nothing to what so
> ever. Secondly because I do not want to feed the trolls. What would be
> gained by that is that trolls will want to try and get in the top 10.

Good point. That tends to happen.

> This might happen with the current stats as well. There are already
> people in there that will be in somebodies killfile. I am most likely
> one of those persons.

[sarcasm] Without you, the traffic halves. [sarcasm/]

> And while we are at the subject of automated stats. Please take out my
> stats. I don't want to be in them.

I'll omit your name and numbers from the stats.

>> Nobody would do that. I think not. One precaution I already take is to
>> never get involves with Google Groupers. Quoting issues aside, there
>> continues to be this trend of hit-and-run posters in this newsgroup, which
>> is deterring.
> That is your opinion. I have a different one. To put that in a list is
> un-possible. It would mean that you put each and every person, analyze
> their behaviour and describe it in such a way that a first time poster
> can decide who should be in his killfile and who not.

Yes, prejudice is an issue.

>> <snip/> I tend to stay away most of the time (for the past ~2 years).
> Improvement can be gotten if people like it. They will like it better if
> the trolls do not get too much attention. Putting their name anywhere is
> giving them attention.

Fortunately, trolls don't receive any/much attention in this group. I don't
believe stats can change that for the worse.

With friendly regards,


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