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Re: One large site, or more smaller ones?

  • Subject: Re: One large site, or more smaller ones?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 18:15:59 +0000
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Will ] on Sunday 26 February 2006 17:59 \__

> In article <mgt8v151qnb431kgs8fcs3r4apr2qdf1jo@xxxxxxx>,
> contact_info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
>> Will <not.me@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> >Hi Group,
>> >
>> >I've been (more or less) lurking on this group for twelve months
>> >or so, and have decided that the time is ripe to try to generate some
>> >income from the interweb thingy :-)
>> >
>> >I've got some ideas of some niche markets to attempt to enter,
>> >though only as a "facilitator", rather than buying and selling
>> >directly. I've some potential clients interested in my endeavours, and
>> >being niche markets, the content is going to vary significantly site by
>> >site.
>> >
>> >The question then, is is it better to register a non-specific
>> >domain, and run each site as a sort of child site, or is it better to
>> >register each site with a domain related to the site?
>> >
>> >My query really comes from the thoughts of a single "umbrella"
>> >site, given time, ought to rank well for a quantity of diverse content
>> >,some of which will be updated fairly regularly - against have numerous
>> >sites, which individually will rank lower, and many of which may not be
>> >updated or added to very frequently.
>> >
>> >Any views?
>> Which approach will better serve your potential customers?  I'm of the
>> opinion that customers should come first, then seo can be dealt with
>> as a nearly-separate issue.  If you are providing a valuable product
>> or service you only need to let those who are seeking you have a few
>> clues.

There is a chicken-and-egg scenario, hug. While I agree that visitors should
(/ideally/) enter a site directly, based on its value, search engines have
become the gateway to the Web and the shopping mall guide or map to most

Any site nowadays needs to be built with search engines in mind, if it ever
intends to 'vacuum' some traffic. The scenario is different, however, with
sites that serve a local inter-connected group, like an Intranet or a
Web-based application/knowledgebase.

> Thanks to all who responded to my query, the replies all made
> sense, and all advise a similar course of action.
> Unfortunately, events have rather overtaken me, and I think I'm
> up a creek without a paddle now :-(

I'll grab another oar and try to shed more light if I can. Answers to most
questions you can find readily on the Web though.

> The first two sites that I put up were on the surface entirely
> unrelated, so I bought related domains for each, and put the pages up.
> Google has cached one and spidered the other, so I feel a bit committed
> to them now.

It is never too later to change your mind. You are stuck deeper in that trap
once people start linking to an unwanted site, when search engines have
crawled and index an entire site, when people's bookmarks point to certain
addresses and so forth.

> Then a guy who one of the sites was "for" (it's one part of a
> concerted effort to increase his sales - (sales commission payments
> only)) then offered his two pence worth, and suggested a very good idea
> which will tie both sites together, and allow hugh potential for
> expansion into the related area.
> So I've now registered the umbrella site - yesterday.

Good move. I suspect you took my advice after all... make sure the daughter
sites are not identical twins though.

> I had considered running each topic of the site on its own
> related domain, and linking each site to the umbrella page, and vice
> versa, with the intent that the umbrella page would outrank (more in
> overall pageviews and serps than pagerank) all of the daughter sites,
> hopefully pushing the umbrella site very high in its ranking.

It cannot do any harm, based on some personal experience. It can actually
make each domain more centred around a particular theme, which in turn makes
it seem more relevant, as a standalone entity.

> So, all in all, I'm bemused, really.
> Any further thoughts?

Not unless you ask for more answers. *smile*

Best wishes and good luck,


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