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Re: Palm SD card in a iPAQ.

__/ [Toby Newman] on Wednesday 04 January 2006 15:56 \__

> I wanted to give my friend a file. He has an iPAQ,
> and I have a palm TX. I popped the SD card out of my TX
> which had about 800mb of data on it, and he put it in his iPAQ.
> Upon browsing to the SD card, I found one folder, 'WMDRM', and within
> there was one file, 02519D011041544158000050BF1977E0.hds.
> I put the card back in my Palm, and yep, the Pocket PC had just
> completely wiped it, and given me this one new file in return.
> Nice.
> I do have a backup, but I'm curious why this happened. I guess WMDRM
> stands for 'Windows Media Digital Rights Management'?

I  once put my SD card in a friends XDA, which runs Pocket PC. The  device
was  able to identify and play the MP3's within. I believe it also had ac-
cess  to the binary files, which of course it could not interpret or  run.
If  your  card was formatted or rewritten, then it's a good thing you  re-
ported  it. I wouldn't want to try that again and risk data loss, or  even
restoration from backups.

Isn't  there a universal format (/file system) for SD cards or mobile com-
puting anyway? I heard about desktop operating systems invalidating a mem-
ory  card of cameras before, but never anything similar in the context  of


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