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Re: Web stats software help

  • Subject: Re: Web stats software help
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 04:52:36 +0000
  • Newsgroups: alt.websites
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
  • References: <RPOdnWiK6tJeciPenZ2dnUVZ_s6dnZ2d@adelphia.com>
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__/ [Arcadeia.com] on Friday 06 January 2006 22:31 \__

> Hello good people
> A while ago I put a post in about looking for a program that could keep
> track of my websites stats, E.G.  timestamps, where people came from,
> what did they download, what page got visited the most, what file got
> downloaded the most etc etc..
> I remember some people wrote back saying try the Visitour / Analog 6.0
> web states. They told me it was free and ?fairly? easy to use.
> Well I tried it and I couldn?t figure it out.
> Basically I want a good web stat program that will tell me all the
> information-plus, that I have mentioned above. I don?t mind spending the
> money long as it isn?t ridiculous.
> I want to see graphs, chats, ratios, percentages, pictures with a simple
> click.  I don?t want to look at long pages of text, code or anything
> like that.
> I want to be able to just install, tell it where my websites directory
> are, and let it start logging stats. I personally found Visitour and
> Analog 6.0 a bit unorganized and never did get it working. Please do not
> respond with something to the extend of ?I?m not trying hard enough to
> get Visitour or Analog web stats to work? ? yes that may be true, but
> you get what you pay for. I can pay $0.00 and figure it out myself, or I
> can spend money and buy something that somebody else already figure out,
> and have done for me ? without wasting time. In this particular
> situation, I?d much prefer the latter.
> Honestly, I don?t want to do anything more than just install a program
> click and tell it to log stats. The fewer steps installing the darn
> thing, the better. I ran across http://www.power-stats.com/  and was
> wondering if anyone had reviews about it and /or another program in mind.
> Thanks in advance
> Arcadeia.com


Analog is absolutely terrible at summarising valuable information if you ask
me. I would even choose Webalizer 2 over it. But... by far the best free
stats package, which is quickly gaining popularity: AWStats.


There is another new option if you are willing to 'offshore' your stats and
have them managed by a third party. It exploits Urchin, which used to be a
purely commercial product.


As a side note, I occasionally use Visitors 0.6 to analyse Google-specific
figures, primarily number of daily referrals. For daily per-crawler
breakdown, I have a small Perl script.

Best wishes,


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