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Re: Google PC At Walmart

__/ [M] on Saturday 07 January 2006 17:39 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-predict1jan01,0,3503327.story
>> I'm just guessing it's a Linux distro with Java Desktop on it. Google have
>> a pact with Sun.
>> A certain manager must be getting very sweaty.
> I always thought that Google was heavy into *nix, but interestingly
> Google Earth is only currently available on windows with Linux and Mac
> versions to follow.
> Don't know if they developed Google Earth in-house, or may be they use
> or bought an external GIS company. Whichever the case windows must have
> been the primary development platform for this product, which kind of
> surprises me if *nix is their OS of choice.
> Regards,
> M

Good point, M. It was Keyhole if I recall correctly. The sphere-mapping
technology and code was inherited. They must have catered for the majority,
which was Windows. Some months ago I wrote to Google's Code Manager on the
issue of Linux support (or lack thereof). He said it is only a matter of
time. I look forward to Google Pack for Linux (and the Mac for what it's


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