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Re: Set As Background...

__/ [John Bailo] on Sunday 08 January 2006 19:32 \__

> Why can't I just browse a web page, select an image and make it my
> wallpaper in Linux Firefox 1.0.7?
> I can do this all the time in Windows XP ?!

Actually, KDE makes this more trivial than Windows XP does. You can drag an
image (*any* image) from the KDE browser onto your desktop. A popup/context
menu will come up and you need only choose "set as background".

Konqueror is there for you to use for such circumstances. Java Runtime
Environment does not have good drag-and-drop support in KDE or even Linux in
general (I spend very little time with KDE version > 3.1, so correct me if
I'm wrong). The same applies to Thunderbird and OpenOffice, among other
application. It is worth filing as a bug report with 'wishlist' severity

In my humble opinion, the Mozilla Foundation are spending too much time
catering for the Windows audience. This has the merit of shifting them to
Open Source, which it turn will lead them to Linux. Yet, others get
neglected in the interim.


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