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Re: Lifedrive keyboard

__/ [Daniel Sharp] on Sunday 08 January 2006 23:41 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> __/ [Daniel Sharp] on Friday 06 January 2006 00:19 \__
>> > Hiya
>> > 
>> > I've just got a Palm Lifedrive for Christmas as an upgrade from my old
>> > Palm IIIx..... I'm wanting to use it to replace my laptop in meetings
>> > for taking notes and want a good keyboard to use. Two friends have Palm
>> > based keyboards using the the 2 connection options:
>> I used to take notes in meetings when I first got it, but after a few
>> years it proved impractical and looked vain. I guess it depends on the
>> nature of the meetings though, but I understand what you mean. I only ever
>> use the keyboard when going on plane and train trips, which occurs only
>> several times a year. I thought I'd use it more often when I first
>> purchased it (in 2002/3). I said farewell to my laptop a couple of months
>> ago partly because of the Palm keyboard.
>> Sorry to drift off topic, but my point is that you must realised how and
>> when the Palm will be used in the long term. The initial hype over the new
>> 'toy' doesn't last forever.
>> > One uses the PalmOne with the IR port but I'm concerend about us
>> > interfering picking up each others keyboards
>> Why use an IR keyboard? I use the Universal Connector and I suppose you
>> could purchase a USB keyboard. It's not as though you could work on the
>> Lifedrive when it sits a metre or three away from you.
>> Money could be saved and so can battery life. batteries are expensive. I
>> sometimes think that Bluetooth is heavily used because it is
>> state-of-the-art technology, which people enjoy saying that they exploit.
>> > The other chap uses a Bluetooth keyboard but this has no 4rth row for
>> > number keys. I like the look of the PalmOne keyboard but I am attracted
>> > to using Bluetooth so I can sit the screen away from the keyboard (i.e.
>> > possibly on a computer type desk occasionally) but the one that has good
>> > reviews (The Stowaway) doesn't have the top number key row which I
>> > definitely want for spreadsheet data entry.
>> > 
>> > Anyone here using a PDA keyboard? I don't mind paying a decent amount as
>> > I will be using it a lot.
>> > 
>> > TAI
>> > Daniel.
>> My advice would by that you should pay as much as is needed. It is
>> proportional to the frequency of use, the age of the device (upgrades
>> might make peripherals incompatible) and the money you can expand. Choose
>> practicality over flash unless flash is truly important or perceived as
>> added value.
>> Best wishes,
>> Roy
> Thanks for the reply  Roy.
> It turns out one ot the chaps has the Palm keyboard with the Universal
> connector, which is good in that he doesn't have to carry batteries for
> it, but it seems they don't make that keyboard anymore just the IR one.
> It looks like it will fit the bill for me, but I'd like to hear a few
> opinions on what the different makes are like to use. What make was
> yours?
> Ta.
> Daniel.

You are posting from a news gateway, so I can't tell which to suggest (the
messages is routed via both Oregon U. and the UK). You can still find them,
but I suspect that the LifeDrive does not accept non-USB/wireless keyboards.


I got mine second-hand, but it was brand new in terms of its condition. Cost
me $35 at the time, which was a good small investment in a device that I
have used for almost 3 years. Mine was an original (OEM) standard Palm
keyboard, which had the softest keys I had come across and has been
extremely reliable (not even a single visible scratch yet). It is more
comfortable than some desktop-based keyboards.

I abstain from buying new Palm models because of their ditching of the
Universal port, among other things. Keep an eye on the Nokia 770, whose
popularity is jumping very rapidly.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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