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Re: Linux Palm Emulator Touch Screen doesn't work

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Bart Friederichs] on Thursday 05 January 2006 07:44 \__
>>I have installed the Palm Emulator POSE on my Linux system and it works
>>okay. Sometimes it uses 100% CPU, but a reset fixes that. The buttons on
>>the bottom work fine, but clicking anywhere on the touchscreen doesn't
>>work at all.
> Which distribution is it? Have you installed an RPM? Any warnings raised?

It is Slackware 10.2, with all packages updated to -current. I did not
install from a TGZ, but from source. There were a *lot* of warnings and
I had to tweak the code, because pose uses old FLTK names. Most of the
warnings though do not seem very harmful (pointer casts, deprecated ways
of doing things, etc).

>>How can I fix that?
> I believe it's often a matter of tweaking the source code or trying a more
> modern or a different distribution. Unless you find workarounds...

Do you have any idea where I could start in tweaking the code? Because
the buttons do work, it doesn't seem to be a toolkit problem.

> Have you already tried -h --h and --help? If these do not exist, it is
> unlikely that any other command-line options were bound to the binary.

-h gives options (though it is not 'help', but 'don't understand',
unfortunately none seem to be connected to the touchscreen:

bf@laptop-bartf:~$ pose -h
Don't understand the command line parameter "-h".
Options are:
 -psf <file>          Session file to open at startup
 -rom <file>          ROM file to use at startup
 -ram_size <size>     Amount of RAM (in K) to emulate at startup
 -device <name>       Device type to use at startup
 -skin <name>         Name of skin to use for the device
 -load_apps <name(s)> Comma-seperated list of names of .prc files to
load at startup
 -run_app <name>      Name of file to automatically run at startup
 -quit_on_exit        Cause Poser to quit after -run application exits
 -pref <key=value>    Change a preference setting

 -bg2 color
 -bg color
 -di[splay] host:n.n
 -fg color
 -g[eometry] WxH+X+Y
 -na[me] classname
 -s[cheme] scheme
 -ti[tle] windowtitle


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