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Re: Benchmarking filesystems

  • Subject: Re: Benchmarking filesystems
  • From: "Larry Qualig" <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 12 Jan 2006 08:05:04 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Larry Qualig] on Thursday 12 January 2006 15:16 \__
> > Lots of numbers... lots of charts.
> >
> > http://linuxgazette.net/122/TWDT.html#piszcz
> >
> > - LQ

> Intersting page. I have been wondering about performance issues and it seems
> like in the real/practical tests (those which correspond to many
> frequently-encountered situations) Reiser wins, especially version 4.

In *most* of the tests they ran Reiser did rather poorly. Which was a
bit surprising IMO given all that I've heard about the FS.

>  A comparison with NTFS and FATs would have been valuable too.

I was a bit disappointed this was missing. It would have really
completed the picture. Interesting that the hardware was somewhat dated
(P3 500Mhz) - Seems intentional perhaps that's so CPU usage would be
more pronounced.

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