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Re: KMail crash

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [CWO4 Dave Mann] on Thursday 12 January 2006 15:37 \__
>> This is very unusual.  I don't think this has ever happened with KMail.
>> When I opened KMail I got an error message that kmail cannot start
>> without the inbox folder.
>> I am thinking that I need to rebuild the indexes or something to get
>> KMail back to where it was yesterday evening.
>> The KMail FAQ is -- to me anyway -- a little bit obtuse about this
>> problem. Can someone with same problem walk me through it?
>> Thanks!
>> Dave
> Have  you erased or damaged the inbox folder, either knowingly or  unknow-
> ingly?
> What  does 'ls -la ~/Mail' give you? I tend to erase index file  sometimes
> (so  do others) because they lead to issues on occasions. Have you got any
> recent  backups from which you can recover the mail folders and revert  to
> an older and functional state? The subject line is surprising as KMail se-
> ems like a solid application.
> Roy

I'll restore then from the daily back up.  I am wondering ... /<thinking cap
on>/ duh!  I'll bet you that when I ran Kleansweep and did the empty
folders and files routine that the inbox was empty and it was douched away
then.  Has to be that, since I've not tinkered, fiddled, wanked or
otherwise diddled the box lately!

Thanks for the tip,



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