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Re: Beta pictures requests

__/ [houghi] on Friday 13 January 2006 16:10 \__

> http://www.opensuse.org/LizardPictures
> The Beta versions for 10.1 will have names of Lizzards (Those for 10.0
> were names of cities where developers lived) What they need is a picture
> of lizzards. Well, they need 5. So if you think you are not technical,
> yet are artistic, or have a lizzard yourself, contribute this way.
> Most imprtand is that they need to know the common name, the latin name
> and most importantly the copyright must be yours or in such a way they
> can use it for free and distribute it for free.
> Your picture will be around forever (or at least till the next beta, a
> week later)

I sure hope this will not be the next bootloader, startup, or login screen:


That's what the page above offers as a placeholder.

The 10.1 alpha has something acceptable as the wallpaper...


...but not for everyone. Here are a few neat ones:




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